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At Document Management, support is our highest priority and has always been our primary business. We take great pride in our technical problem solving capabilites, and we've got many years in the trenches to prove it. Some companies' strengths are in hardware troubleshooting, others are in software. Those are just two of our strengths. A third is understanding how the hardware and software interact with each other. Scanners and their software are one of our specialties. We service all major brands of large format scanners. We are the U.S. master support center for the WideCom product line. We also support most popular models of large format printers. And we service every piece of equipment that we sell. Our technical support services include, but are not limited to:

Vintage Electronic Repair/Restoration

We've been famous for our large format scanner service since 1987. But before that, we were top-notch technicians and engineers serving the broadcast, professional, and consumer electronics industry. Old Zeke and his crack team of talented techs devote their time in the evenings to bring cool old classics back to their former glory. We electrically and mechanically restore them to their original condition (no mods, no molestations - those old-time engineers really knew what they were doing) so that they meet or exceed their original factory specifications. We cater to enthusiasts, collectors and audiophiles who recognize the special care that these pieces require to not only work like new, but to make them safe and reliable as well. We'll work on anything electronic that's over 30 years old, including the precision alignment of classic radios, televisions, high fidelity tube tuners, and open-reel tape decks - expertise that very few are capable of nowadays. Our vintage electronic service ranks with the best that you will find anywhere. Your restored equipment will bring you years of trouble-free enjoyment, and will only increase in value!

Obsolete Format Conversion Services

If you've been around for a while, you've probably accumulated a lot of great material stored on media that has long since become obsolete. We can take your old media and convert it to a more modern and lossless format so that you can enjoy them once again. We can convert 5 ¼" and 3 ½" floppies, Laserdiscs, vinyl records, open reel tape, 8-tracks, cassettes, quadraphonic CD4, SQ, QS, Matrix, VHS, Beta, Super VHS, Super Beta, etc. to a modern digital format that you can access on CD or DVD. We can even preserve your favorite analog material on a newer analog format. For example, VHS Hi-Fi is an excellent analog sound format that is still being used in major recording studios, and will be available for years to come. Services subject to applicable copyright laws.

Scanning Services

Although we are not in the service bureau business, we do have a vast network of seasoned professionals who do excellent work located throughout North America. Their services include scan/capture, cleanup, editing, CAD conversion, and database indexing. They can even provide you with a nice departmental or enterprise EDM solution to organize and access your new data. No job is too big or too small for our guys. On-Site services and pick-up & delivery available for larger jobs..

On Site Wide Format Imaging Service

We primarily cover the State of Arizona. However, if you're outside of AZ and you've got a particularly perplexing problem that others have been unable to solve, give us a call. We love a challenge and just might be interested! Our AZ rate is $195.00/hour plus travel expenses. Special rates are available for repeat customers. Service includes a standard 30 day warranty for repairs made. Extended warranties available at additional cost.

In-House and Return-to-Depot Service

Send us your large format imaging equipment, and we'll repair and/or refurbish it for you! Rates vary according to make and model of the equipment. Service includes a standard 30 day warranty for repairs made. Extended warranties available at additional cost. Contact us with your needs!

Telephone & Email Support

We offer free telephone and email support for the lifetime of the equipment that we sell. For others, our rates are $99 USD per incident, payable by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.

Scanner Circuit Board Repair

Often, it is more cost effective to repair an existing circuit board than it is to replace it with a new one. We repair many commonly replaced boards, and even some boards that you just can't get anymore. Rates vary according to the board and the model that it came from. In most cases, we will need to have your scanner sent to our facilities for proper diagnosis and testing. Repairs include a standard 30 day warranty. Contact us with your needs!

Scanner Upgrades and Refurbishing

Let us perform a little magic on your large format scanner. We'll refurbish virtually any make or model wide format scanner, no matter what the age or condition. Upgrades are obviously model-specific, but many can be converted to color capability, or have their performance or resolution enhanced. Let us know what you have, and we'll let you know what we can do!

Installation and Training

Installation and Training is included with every piece of equipment that we sell within the State of Arizona. We also perform these services for equipment that we didn't sell. Our AZ rate is $195.00/hour plus travel expenses. Special rates are available for our established clientèle. Services are also available outside of AZ (call).

System Integration Services

Have a special project or having trouble getting different vendor's products to work nicely together? Perhaps we can help! Contact us for a consultation on your unique requirements.


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