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Since 1987, Document Mangement, an independent consulting firm, has specialized in information technologies for the engineering, manufacturing, and AEC sectors. We provide strategic planning, marketing, sales, system integration, and technical support to IS vendors, Fortune 2,000 companies, utilities, and state and local governments. DM also provides technical training, conduct informational seminars, and produces DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Magazine. We became renowned for providing Value Added Resellers and integrators with the highest quality refurbished scanners and systems. Recently, we began offering this equipment directly to the end user. Now, we are proud to add the latest in large format scanning technology and information systems solutions (that means the new stuff) to our ever-growing catalog.

Mark Stover is Director of Operations for Document Management and editor of DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT magazine. He has more than 20 years of experience in the marketing, integration and support of EDM, GIS, CAD, Scan/Capture, and large format imaging systems. Mr. Stover has consulted for many utility companies, local, state, and federal governments, and organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Old Zeke is so old that he doesn't even have a last name. As our Technical Support Manager, he's probably installed and serviced more large format scanners and plotters than anyone else on the planet. He's a bit secretive about his past, but we do know that he once worked for the railroads as operator/technician of what was arguably the world's first facsimile system. Images were interpreted as a series of coordinates, transmitted via Morse code, and then manually reassembled on an X,Y grid pattern. Although not a commercial success, it did influence a lot of connect-the-dots children's books and signaled the demise of the once dominate carrier pigeon technology. Not one to slack on his abilities, he exploited his experience on the weekends in the lucrative bingo hall circuit.

Our Technical Support Manager, Old Zeke.

A tinkerer, he built one of the first diazo machines out of an old laundry wringer, a railroad lamp, smelling salts, and some bluing. Aside from some ventures in patent medicines, he continued along this line of work for many, many years - until around 1974. Then, during a marathon work binge, he penned the songs "You're The Saurkraut On The Hot Dog Of Life", "My Best Friend Is A Cardboard Box" and "CB Buff"*, all of which became instant hits. Things get a little foggy at this point. He remembers traveling the world and parts of Arizona, getting married a couple of times (no kids yet, ladies), directing music videos, and speculating in internet domain names. Alas, his heart wasn't in it. Or, he was just flat broke. At any rate, he decided that his one great love was large format imaging equipment. He works mostly at night, so we rarely see him. If you happen to run into him, please tell him that the accounting department is wondering when he's going to pick up all his paychecks.

*All songs ©1974 Old Zeke Music Company, Ltd.

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