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Here's where you will find limited-time specials on select new items, along with the highest quality refurbished equipment around. These are NOT "online" sales from someone you"ve never heard of and will never hear from again. Call us and talk to a real live person who will answer all of your application questions, and upon purchasing, will provide you with FREE telephone support for the lifetime of the equipment. You´ll not find better values anywhere else! We´ve also included an educational and informative section on older model scanners that you'll typically run across on the used market...

Save On ALL CalComp Models

CalComp Scanners On Sale

We've got great deals on all models of new ScanPlus 7 "ATF", "S" and "HD" series scanners with prices so low that we can't list them online! Unlike comparable Contex/Vidar based promos from others, ours ALWAYS come complete with a full license of NEXTimage Scan and a 2 year on-site warranty. Be assured that each machine comes complete with everything that you need except for the PC. And as always, FREE DM telephone support for the lifetime of the equipment. Call us now for the details.

ScanPlus 7 ATF (flatbed) Series Brochure

ScanPlus 7 36" Series Brochure

ScanPlus 7 42" Series Brochure

ScanPlus 7 44" Series Brochure

ScanPlus 7 54" Series Brochure

Special Deals on New Colortrac Ci 40 Series

The Best Scanner Value Around

Want a quality new scanner on a refurb budget? Well, this is for you. We've got the best prices anywhere on the Colortrac Ci 40M, Ci 40C, and Ci 40E. These are world-class machines for any GIS or A/E/C application. They can be user-upgraded at any time by simply purchasing new firmware. They come standard with a USB cable, SmartLF software for WinXP/Vista, and a 2 year return-to-DM warranty (naturally, software upgrades, stands, & onsite warranties are also available). And as always, FREE DM telephone support for the lifetime of the equipment. Call us now for the details!

Colortrac Ci Series Brochure

Old Zeke's TEC Tip #19 - Better Your Casters

Is it just me, or are the casters they´ve been puttin´ on large format scanner and printer stands downright wimpy? They never seem to roll very well, and just running over somethin´ like a forgotten piece of petrified possum jerky is enough to send one south. So here´s what we´re gonna do:

Go down to your local hardware store (a REAL hardware store - not one of them "home furnishing" places your wife hangs out at), and get yourself some good quality American-made casters with a 3/8" threaded stud, a 3/8"-16 tap, and a 5/16" drill bit. While you´re there, also pick up some 3/8" coarse-thread nuts (at least 8) to use as spacers. Also maybe pick up some more jerky to chaw on while you're working - they usually have some near the front counter. If they don't, you're not in a REAL hardware store (better hightail it out of there before they try to sell you some kinda mauve sofa doily or somethin').

Unscrew and remove those old n´ busted metric foo-foo casters, and drill out the holes in the stand with that 5/16" drill. Take your 3/8"-16 tap and re-thread them holes (put some oil on the tap first - this is a coarse thread and it´s gonna take a little effort). Now, screw a couple of them nuts on to each of the new casters and thread those babies into the stand. Adjust the nuts so that all of the casters are stickin´ out an equal length, and then tighten em´ up good. Stand up your stand and observe how much smoother it rolls. Then, slap yourself on the head for not doing this sooner!

Recently Discontinued & Refurbished Models

Call Us For Our Latest List

Great machines at very attractive prices to fit any budget: Each comes complete with everything that you need except for the PC: interface card and/or cable where applicable, scan/print software and drivers, and installation and operation manuals. And as always, each comes with an excellent warranty and FREE DM telephone support for the lifetime of the equipment.

Discontinued and refurbished models are in very limited quantity and available on a first come, first serve basis, so give us a call for our latest!

Here's some popular models that we typically have available:

Colortrac SmartLF Gx 42 Series
Original retail: $16,495
Call Us

Colortrac SmartLF Cx 40 Series
Original retail: $10,895
Call Us

GTCO CalComp ScanPlus VI Series
Original retail: $14,900
Call Us

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #17

It's risky to batch scan large format drawings to a network drive, unless you are using software that is specifically designed for this purpose. Scan them to the local hard drive first, and then copy them over. If needed, install a bigger hard drive - they're cheap.

Popular Older Model Scanners

The following is information on some of the more popular older models of large and wide format scanners that you'll typically see on the used market. Some are worth seeking out if they´re still compatible with modern computer systems. Others can not be made to run on a modern computer. It's important to do some research before you buy, if you don't want to end up with the world's largest doorstop! If you have an older model scanner, we have the tools and expertise to refurbish it and get it going on your PC for a reasonable cost (contact us for a consultation).

This is by no means a comprehensive list of older model scanners. This list focuses on ones that typically can be (economically) brought back into service. As a rule of thumb, you want to avoid machines that use a proprietary interface (i.e., ones that do not support SCSI, USB, or Firewire), or otherwise don´t have drivers available for a modern computer. We´ll be adding more models and information as time and resources allow. If anyone has access to any vintage documentation (photos, brochures, specifications, technical & user manuals) that might be of interest to our visitors, please contact us!

Action Imaging Scanners

36", 42", 44", & 54" monochrome, grayscale, & color.

Action Imaging was an organization formed in the late 1990s consisting of ANA Tech, Colortrac, Tangent, and Scangraphics. Recently, Colortrac took over all operations and the Action Imaging name went away. Currently, they manufacture and sell scanners under the Colortrac brand and also the Ana Tech Eagle series (for high end applications).

The scanners that had sold under the Action Imaging umbrella were built like a tank, performed very well, and have proven to be very reliable. As of this writing, some key parts for even the older machines are still available, as well as drivers and software. There is one consideration, however: if the machine that you are interested in does not come with the latest software and drivers, expect to pay at least $2,000 or more to get an update. One exception to this rule is the Colortrac SmartLF 4080 series. It´s still supported in the latest SmartLF, ScanWorks, and CopySmart software.

Recommended Models: Colortrac Series 4 (3640, 3680, 4260, 4280, SLF or e), Colortrac wide Series 4 (4860, 5480, XLF or e), ANA Tech Eagle Color (3640C, 4240C, 4080C, & 6250C), Tangent Series 4 (4860, 5480, XLF or e), Colortrac Flatbed 24120, and Colortrac SmartLF 4080 M, C, or E.

Models Recommended ONLY if they come with a SCSI interface and software & drivers for a modern PC: Colortrac Series 3 (340, 360, 380, Cx, Gx, or Gx+), ANA Tech Eagle Monochrome (3640, 4240, 4080, & 6250), ANA Tech Eagle Evolution (E4, E8, & EPro), and ANA Tech Eagle SLI 3840 & 3840Plus, Scangraphics CF1000, CF500, CF400, & CF300, and Tangent Sheetfeed 36 & 44 SF or MM.

Contex FSSx000/Calcomp ScanPlus II x00 Series

36", 1-4 cameras, 1000DPI max. monochrome & grayscale.

Contex's renowned workhorse. Service bureaus
have been known to put hundreds of thousands of drawings through these.

Contex FSS3000, FSS5000, FSS8000, FSS10000
Calcomp ScanPlus II 300, 500, 800, 1000

Contex FSSx200 DSP/Calcomp ScanPlus III x00 Series

36", 1-4 cameras, 1000DPI max. monochrome & grayscale.

The first Contex series with Digital Signal Processing, these models can quickly scan a D-size in just 18 seconds at 300DPI.

Contex FSS3200, FSS5200, FSS6200, FSS8200, FSS10200
Calcomp ScanPlus III 300, 500, 600, 800, 1000

Contex FSSx300 DSP/Calcomp ScanPlus III x00T Series

36", 1-4 cameras, 1800DPI max. monochrome & grayscale.

The most popular b&w/grayscale scanner line ever sold - need we say more?


Contex FSS4300, FSS8300, FSS12300, FSS18300
Calcomp ScanPlus III 400T, 800T, 1200T, 1800T

Contex FSCxxxx DSP/Calcomp ScanPlus III xxxC Series

36", 1-3 cameras, 800DPI max. monochrome, grayscale, and color.

These models feature the great performance of the FSSx300DSP series with the addition of 24-bit color. They capture 30 bit color data and can be calibrated to output images in accordance with international IT8 color standards. They're a great choice for mapping, architectural, and reprographic applications, or for anyone needing good quality color capability.


Contex FSC5000, FSC8000, FSC3010, FSC5010, FSC6010, FSC8010
Calcomp ScanPlus III 500C, 800C, 310C, 510C, 610C, 810C

Oce by Contex G60xx & 47xx Series

36", 1-4 cameras, 1800DPI max. monochrome & grayscale (and some models color).

Special versions of Contex's great FSS and FSC platforms with "top load" document insertion and a built-in stand. Many consider the Contex-made ones to be the best of the Oce scanners.


Oce G6015, Oce G6035, Oce G6045, Oce G6055
Oce 4715, Oce 4730, Oce 4740, Oce 4750

Color Models: Oce 4770, Oce 4780

Attention Vidar Fans!

Did you know that the CalComp ScanPlus x 436 & Contex Hawkeye platforms incorporated a lot of technology that was originally developed by Vidar? For instance, the document feed and background plate mechanisms are of the classic Vidar design. That's why they can zip drawings through so fast!

Vidar by Vidar Scanners (Pre 2003)

36", 42", & 50", monochrome, grayscale, & color.

Vidar was a Swedish-owned company that designed and manufactured large format scanners in Herndon, VA, USA. In June of 2002, the company was acquired by Denmark-based Contex. Not long after, all scanners bearing the Vidar name became Contex designs.

The pre-2003 models that were made by Vidar can be a great choice if you can find a refurbished or used one in good shape at the right price. They were very well built and were famous for their excellent black and white image enhancement - a nice feature if you have a lot of low contrast blueprints and sepias to scan.

These models can for the most part be made to work on a modern computer: TruScan 600, TruScan 800, TruScan Flash (P20), TruScan Select (P21), TruScan Titan (P25), TruScan Flash (newer P62), TruScan Select II (P75), TruScan Select (newer P87), TruScan Select Pro (P88), TruScan Atlas (P93), Vidar Designer (P119), Vidar Latitude (P121), Vidar Surveyor (P850), and Vidar Titan II (P851).

Some models to avoid because they´re no longer supported or otherwise completely worthless without their proprietary ISA PC interfaces: Vidar 3420 and 3440, Vidar 4220 and 4240, Vidar 4250, Vidar 6220, Vidar ACS 20, and TruScan 500 (a.k.a. Vidar PC36, Houston Instrument LDS4000, & CalComp ScanPlus 36).

WideCom SLC836 Series

36", 1200DPI max. monochrome, grayscale, and color.

The SLC836 series was an updated version of the landmark SLC436 series, the first CIS-based large format scanners. Whereas the older series had a proprietary interface, the SLC836 was the first model to feature the SCSI3 standard. Note: All SLC436 models and some early SLC836 machines came with the proprietary ISA PC interface. Avoid these - they will not work on a modern computer. How can you tell if it's SCSI? Look for a long, thin 68-pin connector on the back. If it has it, it's SCSI. If it doesn't, stay away.

Similar to the popular SLC936 series, they have the same great black & white quality and speed as their big brother. The color and grayscale quality is also comparable (or even better, since it can be more precisely calibrated), just not as fast. Because they came standard with on-board mono support and feature 24 bit RGB for grayscale, they're very desirable. DM Special Edition upgrades are available, which allow them to be the only CIS-based scanners that can scan stiff or thick media without any degradation of image sharpness (view the brochure or contact us for more information).


WideCom SLC836, M or +
(mono versions, color upgradeable)

WideCom SLC836C (color)

DM Special Edition upgradeable

WideCom SLC9xx/10xx FAST/Turbo Series

36", 41", 54", & 72", 9600DPI max. monochrome, grayscale, and color.

Known for their great performance at an economical price, they´re still in production today. The SLC9xx/10xx models are a good choice for high quality general-purpose scanning. Stock factory machines do have one flaw: due to their massive, heavy-duty stepper motor, internal vibrations tend to send them out of alignment. This is why we highly recommend getting them refurbished before they´re put into service (all DM sold or refurbished machines have had this flaw corrected). DM Special Edition upgrades are available, which allow them to be the only CIS-based scanners that can scan stiff or thick media without any degradation of image sharpness (view the brochure or contact us for more information).


WideCom SLC936, SLC941, SLC954, SLC972,
M or +
WideCom SLC1036, SLC1041, SLC1054, SLC1072, M or +
(mono versions, color upgradeable)

WideCom SLC936C, SLC941C, SLC954C, SLC972C, QC or TC
WideCom SLC1036C, SLC1041C, SLC1054C, SLC1072C, or TC
(color versions)

DM Special Edition upgradeable

WideCom SLC937/1037 FAST/Turbo Color Series

36", 9600DPI max. monochrome, grayscale, and color.

The SLC937/1037 series is a hand-built limited edition of the SLC936/1036 series with a specially designed straight-through document path. The scan head flips up to allow easy glass and roller cleaning, and can accept media up to 0.6" thick.


WideCom SLC937C
WideCom SLC1037TC

Older model large and wide format scanners can be obtained from us in pristine, refurbished condition. Naturally, quantities are limited, so contact us for our current stock. We can also locate a particular model of interest and refurbish it for you. Call us with your needs!

Availability and prices of our Specials are subject to change without notice and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Scanners do not come with stands unless noted.

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #18

When performing a color scan on a document mounted on posterboard using a late model Contex, Oce', Vidar, or CalComp scanner, temporarily attach a 3 inch wide strip of scrap posterboard to the leading edge. This will eliminate any differences in shading that might occur at the beginning of the scan.

For more information:

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