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We carry a wide variety of software for your engineering experience, everything from scanner operating systems, editing & cleanup, indexing, CAD, R2V, change & revision control, modeling, rendering, animation - all the way up to enterprise document management solutions. If you're just looking for a generic "one size fits all" package, these are best purchased directly from the developer's web site. However, if your application requires something a bit more specialized, call us!

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #14

Disable your virus scan software before using your scanner. The thing of it is, it can slow down or even mess up the communication between your scanner and your computer. Disable any other memory resident programs that are running as well. Better yet, get rid of them useless bloated code things for good.

GTCO/Calcomp Scanner Software (Contex, Vidar, & Oce)

NEXTimage Scan Software

A fully integrated scanning, viewing, converting and printing system for the Contex family of color and monochrome scanners. Its Ultra-fast scan-to-disk capabilities make it the perfect link between your scanner and popular software for graphics, reprographics, GIS, CAD, DTP and Archival. With NEXTimage software, companies can share one or more scanners across its departments no matter where their locations are. The Scan-to-Network feature enables you to send scans directly to specific computers set up to receive the image data. This powerful feature lets you distribute and save images directly through your network and through the internet. If purchased with a new scanner, the appropriate interface and drivers are also included, as well as a TWAIN driver for scanning directly into popular graphics programs.


DM price: Call us.

NEXTimage Copy Software

NEXTimage Copy software is a complete color and B/W copying software for the Contex family of wide format scanners. It is specially-designed for large-format copying in regard to speed, flexibility and production of high-quality color matched copies. With a Contex family scanner, a large format printer and NEXTimage Copy, you get a highly effective yet easy to operate copy machine. Supports touch screens. If purchased with a new scanner, the appropriate interface and drivers are also included.


DM price: Call us.

Software for WideCom SLC Series Scanners


An innovative, wide format document scanning, printing, copying and cleanup solution. Colscan is fast on the draw, with an easy-to-use interface and super-quick pan and zoom features. It supports batch scanning, and has a separate Document Copy window that can be used with a touch screen. WIDECOM's advanced filters and cleanup tools include autocropping, autorotate, despeckle, deskew, diffuse, sharpen, smooth, individual RGB adjustment, and Gamma correction. It also includes WideCom's renowned B&W image enhancement - the best in the business! Although it's normally used as a scanner interface, it also can run in standalone mode, excellent for distributed cleanup. Colscan is included with the purchase of a WideCom SLC series scanner, or it can be purchased separately as a great addition to any make or model scanning system to enhance its B&W image enhancement and cleanup capabilities. If purchased with a new scanner, the appropriate interface and drivers are also included, as well as a TWAIN driver for scanning directly into popular graphics programs.

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Old Zeke's Tec Tip #15

Computer RAM is cheap. As a rule of thumb, use a minimum of 1GB for monochrome, and 2GB for grayscale and color scans when running Win2000, XP or Vista.

Software for Colortrac SmartLF Series Scanners


Scan, view, edit, print and feature extract. The perfect tool for standard scanning operations with all Colortrac wide format scanners. Boosts your workflow and efficiency by eliminating prescan and unnecessary document movement in the scanner. ScanWorks' built-in virtual Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding is a market leader for ease of use, speed and performance. Other features include batch, feature extraction and auto-palette scanning. All popular file formats supported.


Copy, preview and print with ease. Turn your SmartLF scanner into a large format copier for black and white and color by combining it with one or more of the market leading printers supported. LED and laser printers using hot-folders are also compatible. CopySmart benefits include ease of use, user ICC profiling, paper economy, predictable copy sizing, image cropping and color adjust.

ScanWorks Brochure

CopySmart Brochure

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Document Management, EDM, CAD, 3D Modeling, and Enterprise Solutions

These solutions are typically tailored for your special application needs, and generally require customization and integration into your current work processes and IT systems. Call us to set up an appointment for a consultation!

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #16

For faster monochrome scans on a Colortrac Series 3 scanner, set preferences in Scan Manager to "Use Greenscale For Bilevel Button" The scanner will then only use the green scan data and ignore the red and blue channels for monochrome scans.

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