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We carry a wide variety of large format printers from inkjets to high output machines, and are constantly researching new models. Contact us with your requirements, and we'll recommend a model that will best suit your specific needs at a very competitive price. Installation, training and on-site service is also available. We offer free telephone support for the lifetime of the equipment that we sell! For mainstream applications, read below for our short list of the industry's current "Best Buys". Don't forget to visit our Specials section for other great deals!

23 Years of Providing the Best Value Around

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #1

Just moved? Better have an electrician check your power before you hook up your system. The thing of it is, having a dedicated power line installed for your large format imaging system can save you a lot of time, trouble, and expensive repairs.


The following are great machines that we feel stand out as the current best buys in the price/performance ratio.

Colortrac MFP Copy Packages

The Colortrac MFP copy packages are a sweet bundle of the 25", 40", or 42" wide Cx, Ci, or Gx series scanners complete with Reprographics stand, PC server, flat screen monitor and CopySmart, ScanWorks, & SmartLF software. Just put it on your network and send beautiful color-matched copies to your inkjet printer (naturally, all those nice scan-to-file features are also included). Don´t have a printer yet? We've also got packages featuring Canon and Hewlett Packard printers for a complete professional quality solution. The Colortrac MFPs are everything you need, including the PC. Got your own PC and/or printer? We can save you even more (call)!

Here´s a neat little FLASH utility that lets you configure your own Colortrac MFP, featuring wide format printers from Canon - it´s as easy as 1-2-3!


Two years parts and labor, excluding wearable items. Installation available at additional cost.

Colortrac Cx, Ci or Gx MFP Copy Packages

25", 40" or 42" scanner, stand, PC & SW


Retail: Starting at $11,495
DM prices
: Call Us

Colortrac Cx, Ci, or Gx MFP & Inkjet Printer Copy Packages

Colortrac MFP & Canon or HP Inkjet Printer


Retail: Starting at $14,995
DM prices
: Call Us

Do It Yourself MFP

Wide format multifunction printers are all the rage nowadays. Chances are, you´ve already got some of the main components to put one together yourself. If you´ve got a wide format printer, and/or an older model large format scanner such as a Calcomp, Colortrac, Contex, Oce, Vidar, or Widecom, we´ve got the tools and expertise to help you do the rest. We can also provide you with a refurbished scanner or printer, or a stand, software, copy kit, or even a PC. Give us a call!

Do It Yourself MFP

24"-54" wide, monochrome or color multifunction printer.
DM price: Call Us

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #2

To minimize the possibility of ground loop problems, make sure that your scanner and/or plotter are connected to the same AC power circuit as its host computer. To be sure, plug them all into the same high quality power strip - but first make sure that strip can handle the combined current!

High Productivity Copy, Scan, & Print Solutions

If your business requires the copying and/or printing of more than a few B&W drawings a day, you don´t want to use an inkjet system. Although inkjets are currently the best way to go for color prints, inkjet ink is the most expensive liquid on the planet. For multiple monochrome printing and copying, what you need is a more economical toner-based system. We carry a wide selection of large format solutions for fast, high volume copying, scanning, printing and multifunction applications. All of our products are based on a single footprint design that´s packed with all the features that you want - without taking up a lot of valuable space. Did we mention value? We tailor our solutions from such world-class names as Seiko, GEI, and Ricoh to provide the best price/performance ratio for your specific application. Installation, integration, and training are also available, so give us a call with your needs!


Warranties vary among makes and models. Naturally, extended maintenance options are always available.

Seiko Teriostar LP-1010 Multifunction Series

36" wide, 600 dpi, monochrome & grayscale
Now With COLOR Scanning Option!

We´re extremely pleased to offer the excellent Seiko Teriostar series of parallel processing LED copiers and printers here in the U.S. You´re probably saying, "Seiko - don´t they make watches and calculators?" Well, yes they do, but what many people don´t know is that they´re also the parent company of Epson, famous for their premiere line of large format color inkjet printers for the Graphics and Sign Making industry. The Seiko Teriostar multifunction line is just the ticket for us A/E/C & Reprographic professionals, and has been employed and enjoyed for years in Asia. It´s a mature product, and now they´ve made it available to us lucky guys here in the good `ol USA!

Some of its great features:

Parallel Processing - prints your current job while simultaneously processing your next one.
High Speed and Excellent Quality - over 6 D-size prints per minute at the most accurate 600dpi quality, with the highest print density of any other LED printer.
The Most Reliable - the industry´s only user-replaceable process cartridge - just like on your desktop laser printer. The best part is that they also provide a spare process cartridge with every machine. You never have to interrupt your work for a service technician to do what you can do yourself.
Low Cost of Ownership - low cost per square foot, and extremely high reliability.
Compact Design - the smallest footprint of any wide-format multifunction in the industry.
All-In-One Features - there´s no hidden costs for a two roll system with network connectivity, scan-to-file, and print management software. We include it all in one low price.

If you´ve been considering a Kip, Ricoh, Xerox, or Oce, take a look at the Teriostar before you make a decision. We can arrange to have it shipped and installed, and have you trained and maintained anywhere in the U.S.!


Retail Prices: Starting at $13,995
DM prices
: Call Us

GEI Multifunction Solutions

36" wide, 600 dpi, monochrome & grayscale.

GEI 4047 and 4039 Copiers

GEI 2436 & 3636 Series NEW!

GEI 4636 Multifunction Series

Retail Prices: Starting at $5,500
DM prices
: Call Us

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #3

Having trouble with your plotter's Windows or CAD driver? Try using drivers for the Hewlett Packard 750C instead. The thing of it is, Win2000/XP supports it, and most late model plotters have HP750C emulation built into them.

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