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Here you will find a wide variety of products to accompany your large format imaging system and help keep it in tip-top shape. We are constantly researching new products to enhance your scanning and printing experience, so if you don't see what you're looking for, call us!

Scanner Upgrades and Refurbishing - Let us perform a little magic on your large format scanner. We'll refurbish virtually any make or model wide format scanner, no matter what the age or condition. Upgrades are obviously model-specific, but many can be converted to color capability, or have their performance or resolution enhanced. Let us know what you have, and we'll let you know what we can do!

DM Special Edition WideCom SLC Series Upgrade - Our most popular upgrade that will breathe new life into your tired old WideCom SLC836, SLC936, or SLC1036 series scanner! Our exclusive work includes a complete ground-up refurbishing, repair of any problems (including circuit boards), a glass replacement, installation of sound and vibration damping materials, and a precision alignment and calibration. We even replace the stock rear panel with an improved design that virtually eliminates paper jams, and allows easy access to the glass and roller for cleaning. For architectural, mapping and reprographics applications, we also offer a thick media option. This includes our special "flip open" front panel and paper sensor switch, a combination which provides the user with enhanced control of the document path, and allows for the scanning of media up to .4" thick - perfect for foam core. Your scanner will once again be on par with the latest new models at a fraction of their cost. You'll be amazed at the difference! Prices vary according to the condition of the patient. Please allow us 2 weeks to perform the operation.

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #10

When installing a SCSI or Firewire interface into a computer, try to free up as many hardware resources as possible. Remove or disable anything that you are not using, such as serial, parallel, USB ports, and sound cards. Especially them dang sound cards.

Stands - We stock stands for most late model Contex, Ideal, Vidar, and Colortrac large format scanners. All models are OEM, color-coordinated to the specific machine, and include rolling casters for easy portability. Just let us know your scanner's make and model!

MFP & Copy Kits - Turn your scanner or printer into a walk-up copy center. We can put together a package with just about anything that you would need, including software & drivers, special reprographic stands, touch screens, PC & LCD mounting arms, etc. Let us know what scanner and/or printer you've got now, and we can supply you with the rest!

Manuals - Need a manual? Perhaps we can help, even with out-of-print ones for older models. Prices vary according to availability and the equipment's make and model.

Alignment and Calibration Charts - A wide assortment of charts for aligning your scanner's optics, calibrating and normalizing, and ANSI IT8 color standardization. Prices vary according to the scanner's make, model, and requirements.

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #11

It's not a good idea to have more than one scanner interface in a computer. Nor is it a good idea to have two different kinds of scanner drivers on the same PC. The thing of it is, they may not like each other and can give you a heck of a time!

Glass - The next time that you clean your scanner, take a good look at the glass. If you see only a slight scratch or two, you're probably ok for a while. But if your scans start showing vertical streaks or if the glass is so worn that it looks like it's frosted, better replace it. This is especially crucial for quality color scans! We carry glass for most popular makes and models. Prices vary, and installation is available.

Background Plates - Often neglected, these play an important role in the calibration and normalization of camera machines. If your background plate is scratched or worn, or if you just can't get it white anymore, replacing it will make a big difference in your scanner's performance. Prices vary according to the scanner's make and model. Installation available.

Lamps - If you see that evil "out of light camera A" message flashing on your scanner's front panel, chances are your lamp is worn or even burned out. Or, if your color scanner just won't calibrate, one of its multiple lamps may have gone south... Prices vary, and installation is available.

Firmware - We carry a large selection of the latest firmware for most popular scanners, including "hard-to-finds" for models no longer in production. Prices vary according to the scanner's make and model. Installation available.

Parts - We carry a wide variety of replacement parts for most popular scanners, including "hard-to-finds" for models no longer in production. Prices vary accordingly. Some items may be subject to a core charge, refundable upon return of the old part. Installation available.

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #12

It's always a good idea to have a host computer for your large format scanner that is DEDICATED to do scanning and little else. Keep it simple. You can always network it to the other computers in your office that do all the fancy stuff.

Scanner Interface Kits -Take the guesswork out of hooking up your scanner! We stock a large selection of Firewire, USB, and hard-to-find SCSI cards, cables, and software for most popular wide format scanners made from 1992 to the present. Our scanner interface kits contain only the highest quality interface cards and cables for maximum reliability and data integrity, and also include the appropriate software, drivers, and installation instructions for your particular model. State make and model when ordering.

Special Connection Cables - We can custom fabricate hard-to-find power, data, and other internal and external connection cables for most popular brands of scanners, including Contex, Calcomp, Oce, Vidar, and WideCom. Most are easy to install - just unplug the old and plug-in the new - and feature gold-plated contacts, premium grade wire, and soldered connections for improved reliability. We´re a great source for cables that are no longer available from the manufacturer, so drop us a line!

WideCom Parts - We have the largest inventory of replacement parts for the great WideCom SLC series scanners. These machines were way ahead of their time, and once properly restored, easily hold their own against new models costing well over $10,000. Pretty remarkable, considering that they were designed way back in the mid-1990s! In addition, these are the ONLY CIS-based scanners that are capable of scanning thick media without any sacrifice in scan quality. We've got everything that you need to get yours in tip-top shape, and can even help you upgrade it to color capability or to a higher level model. As long as the scan head is good (and these very rarely ever go bad), they're well worth restoring. There's a growing fan base of these classic built-like-a-tank machines, so stop neglecting yours and see what it can really do!

Old Zeke's Tec Tip #13

Before starting a batch job of large format color scans, it's a good idea to defragment your hard drive if you haven't done it recently. As a rule of thumb, make sure that you have at least 3 TIMES the hard drive space free that you will need to store your images.

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