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Back Issues

Here is a sample of some back issues of Document Management magazine. Since these are the original html versions that we offered online at the time, they will be launched in a separate window.

Volume X, Issue 1: Technology Revolution Ramifications and Opportunities By Kaiman Lee, PhD, Baldwin Filters: PDM Implementation Saves $175,000 Per Year By Jeff Rogers, Document Management “Firepower” Helps Watervliet Arsenal Win Productivity/Quality Battle By Jack Saint, Document-Based Technology: The Answer to Gaining Web Presence in "Internet Time" By Ellen Rome, and more.
Volume IX, Issue 2: Imagineers The Role of Integrators by Mike Alsup and Jeff Skiba, Document Management System Saves 8000 Hours Per Year by Automatically Creating Routing Instructions By Mike Rahe, Centralized Printing System Brings New Certainty To Transamerica Tax Services by Sharon Pirnie, Winthrop: A University Hospital Case Study Pushing the Paperwork Away by Michelle Gervais, and more.
Volume IX, Issue 1: Successful EDM Implementation: The 1998 Series by Rainer Hoff, Intellectual Capital at Risk: Security and the Printed Document by Tome Haapanen, Outsourcing: Information And Document Conversion by Randolph Burns, American Fidelity: Solution-at-a-Glance by Britta Dahl, NJM Case Study by Gordon Hoke, Virtual Document Processing by Robert Schroeder, and more.
Volume VIII, Issue 6: Enterprise Resource Management: Optimizing Use of G2000 Corporate Information Assets, A White Paper by Richard N. Stover, Twenty-five Years and Counting: The Raster to CAD Saga by Richard N. Stover, Storage and Retrieval –Two Essential Components of a Successful EDM System, Laptops and Palmtops Reduce Paper Demon at Hospital by Ron Levine, and more.
Volume VIII, Issue 5: LEGACY DATA IN THE ENGINEERING ENVIRONMENT: What it is, and what you can do with it. By Bob Zagami, Storage Resource Management for Windows NT By Elizabeth M. Ferrarini, Paper Mill Reduces Downtime by Providing Maintenance Staff With Instant Access to Drawings and Manuals, and more.
Volume VIII, Issue 4: COVER STORY: Big Payoffs for Thinking Small by Steve Kiser, President & CEO, Chrystal Software, The Total Cost of Scanning by Anthony Barbeau, Risk Management: The Next Wave for Use of EDMS by Rory Moran, Spacelabs Medical's Web of Patient Records by Janet Hughes, The Key to Enterprise Resource Management: The Document Supply Chain by David Yockelson, and more.
Volume VIII, Issue 3: Cover Story: The Key to the Enterprise Resource Management: The Document Supply Chain by David Yockelson, Imagineers: Lessons from the AIIM Show by MIke Alsup, AIIM EMMC News by Richard Stover, British Aerospace Selects IBM's Product Manager--A CIMdata Case Study, Handling Water & Sewer Documents For Manufacturing by Betty Liang, and more.


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