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The company was established as Scanning Technology in 1987 by Richard N. Stover, and became Document Management one year later. However, our history goes way back to the 1960s, when Richard founded Microtol, a high technology tooling company in State College, PA. Microtol's most famous project was the fabrication of special equipment for NASA. These tools were used for the Apollo moon landings. He formed Visicon in 1970, manufacturer of the world's first commercial large format scanning systems. Visicon merged with Broomall Industries of Broomall, PA in 1973, later to become Scangraphics. For more information on the Visicon system, visit our Graveyard section.

In 1981, Richard founded CAD/CAM Advisors in Lanham, MD. CAD/CAM Advisors provided strategic planning and technical consulting to manufacturers and vendors in the rapidly growing Computer Aided Drafting, Engineering, and Raster-To-Vector Conversion markets. Together with David Wilson's Technical Marketing Ltd., they also provided marketing consulting and promotion to organizations in this industry. Richard authored many white papers and books on the CAD/CAM-oriented technologies, and was known as one of the leading experts in the field. Mark Stover came on board in 1985 as production director of Technical Marketing Ltd. and moved over to technical services and customer support at Document Management's inception in Scottsdale, AZ in 1987.

On assignment from DM in 1990, Mark relocated to Europe and served three years as a technical consultant for wide format imaging vendors and end users eager to access the latest American technologies. Meanwhile back at our headquarters, our newsletter continued to grow in readership and became a four-color magazine in 1991. In 1995, saw it's debut as a technology information site and an extension of the print publication. In 1999, Richard turned the DM reins over to Mark and formed Enterprise Resources Management (ERM) and Go1099, a career consulting company. Richard is president of G0199, a Senior Consultant at ERM, and is chairman of the local Arizona chapter of SCORE, the "Counselors to America's Small Business". Visit his site at

Today, Document Management is the technical services division of Pinnacle Peak Publishing and Enterprise Resources Management, an independent consulting firm specializing in information technologies for the engineering, manufacturing, and AEC sectors. ERM/DM provides strategic planning, marketing, sales, system integration, and technical support to IS vendors, Fortune 2,000 companies, utilities, and state and local governments. We also provide technical training, conduct informational seminars, and of course, produce DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Magazine.


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